• Pea Hamburger
  • Pea Hamburger

Pea Hamburger


Rehydrated pea protein, water, extra virgin oil, dehydrated onion, yeast, potato extract, thickeners (modified starch, sodium alginate, malic acid), antioxidants (sodium citrate, sodium erythorbate) and sugar.

Nutritional Information (per 100g of product)

Energetic value 1064kJ/255kcal
Fats 13,9g
Of which saturated 1,7g
Carbohydrates 21,7g
of which sugars 0,8g
Proteins 8,4g
Salt 1,3g


May contain traces of Soy.

Each package contains 2 Portions of about 75g
Ready To Cook (Store At -18ºc)